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Dream to fly away
Watercolor retouched on photoshop for the face, 25 x 25 cm - 2008 february
original : sold

Dream to fly away

I find this picture enough specific in relationship with classical representations of mermaids... Often sat, waiting for whatever lost seaman or hoping for a prince who would liberate them of their deep water's loneliness... I imagine these beings of the oceans like the felines of the seas, agile living beings with spellbinding beauty and ambigous intentions... The interpretation is always difficult with the mermaids... Are they cute and romantic wild or wild horsewomen, which each swaying hips project us slowly towards forgetting ? I tried to play on these points by setting sweetness and coldness... The aspect that I put here in value can be seen immediatly, but distrust... Mermaids like ocean go very quickly from visible tranquility to hurtful storm !
For more details, click on the magnifying glass !!!

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