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Delphine Gache


Sandrine Gestin 
Aloving artist of the lights. We do not grow tired of contemplating her creatures in the translucent complexion.
JB Monge 
Illustrator in Faerie.
Wonderful technique, each little creature is as well touching the some as the others... Personally I melt completely ! ^_^
Krystal Camprubi 
Wonderful lights in the service of a sensitive and delicate imagination. A very pleasant website where the artist gets involved and really communicates her passion.
Amandine Labarre 
Illustrator whose universe oscillates between shadow and light. Her feature is very varied, passing of the Cartoon's style - BD to realist, without ever forgetting to make us travel...
A very fresh and quite light universe.
A true little happiness !
Cathy Delanssay 
Illustrator for the youth.
A sweet universe, everything in curvature, a dreamlike as one pleases... Is eatable in full tooth and we still ask for more of it !
Wendy & Brian Froud 
No need to say whom they are !
A funny, magic universe as one pleases, overflowing with imagination... An astonishing technique... And without excess to advance me I think, I shall say a model for every artist working in the Faerie ^^
John Howe 
Inescapable !!!
Stephanie Pui Mun Law 
I have the impression to repeat myself again and again, but here is again a sensational artist. A surprising watercolorist !!!
Jim Fitzpatrick 
For those who like knotworks and Celtic motives. This artist plunges you in the heart of the Irish legends, in a bath of colors of a wonderful intensity !
Michel Soubeyrand 
Sculptor who plays and shapes with the curvatures of Mediterranean.
Virginie Ropars 
Sculptures to fall on the ground...
A wonderful work !!!
Annie Rodrigue 
Illustrator working essentially on the watercolor. A wonderful universe, full of colors, humor, sensibility and dreams...
James Browne 
Artless universe which dips back us with pleasure into the childhood.
Sara M Butcher 
Another artist for whom I melt totally...
So much poetry, the colors are sensational ! Each of her watercolors is also fresh as a dewdrop... It's simply splendid, I adore ! ^^
Yannick Germain 
Painter and Illustrator.
A work of the material which incredibly pleases to see. The forms dance and are linked between them, it's magic !!!
Gilles Courat 
Wonderful pictures revealing subtly the fragile and short-lived magic of the people of the invisible...
Cécile Corbel 
Singer and harpist. Airs in the Celtic consonances mixed with subtle echos of lands taken away... A wonderful gift to take us to navigate on enchantress waves...
L'Atelier du Tamlin 
Dwarfs, Gnomes, Gremlins, Trolls, and the other Leprechauns invite you to penetrate in a real enchanted forest...
Séverine Pineaux 
Painter and illustrator whose magic characters become entangled gracefully with the Nature. A true pleasure for eyes!
Rêve de fée 
Young artist of very colored and dreamlike imagination...
Erlé Ferronnière 
Fantasy and fairy like illustrator, very meticulous illustrations.
Godo illustrator 
A small dive in the universe of the sprites?
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