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Portal dedicated to Tolkien and to the fantasy in general. For every knowledge on the current events of the cinema, the BD, the novels, the interviews...
La fée dans la bouteille 
Charming little website.
Café salé 
Forum dedicated to the graphics, illustrations, drawings, comics strip, mangas. A very pleasant little place and teeming with very useful information !!! ^^
L'Aube des Fées 
Pleasant little forum where it makes good to chat on faerie ?
Contes irlandais 
Website animated under flash which proposes a stroll everything in music through tales and stories of Ireland.
Duirwaigh gallery 
An art gallery including a multitude of fantasy artists in universes all more excellent some than the others ?
The glance is almost necessary !!! ^_^
Celtik Diffusion 
Publishing house based in Brittany.
Edition of postcards, bookmarks, place mat, stickers...
Fairies World 
A rather complete website on the faerie's universe.
Wairi Na Olos 
Association aimed to the discovery of the fairy worlds and the heroïc fantasy.
Les fées de Gwen
Small forum of Faerie...
Le Pinceau de Soi
Small association in which I learned my first base of watercolour.
Au Bord des Continents... 
Publishing house specialized in the beautiful magic books... Not to miss!!!
Le Printemps des Légendes 
Magnificent festival of fantasy situated in Ardennes. For the addicts and most the novices, a journey in the country of the wonderful insurant!
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